On this page, you can search local real estate listings, as listed by the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, or simply MLS.  Real estate inventory is subject to constant change here in Phoenix and in our surrounding communities.  Properties that are available today may be gone forever by tomorrow.   Should you find something to your liking, please let me know right away, as these opportunities don’t last!

Open House Realty

Open House Realty

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More often than not, I’ve heard the same arguments and protests from owners who swear they will sell their homes themselves, and save thousands in commissions.  While this theory sounds like a great way to save money, you may very well be doing yourselves the biggest disservice possible.  More often than not, you are setting yourselves up to pay FAR MORE than if  you were to hire a REALTOR® from the beginning.   Read on and see why.

1.)  REALTORS® ARE PROFESSIONALS WITH CONTACTS:  In addition to the tremendous number of indviduals and institutions we work with on a daily basis, we also have cooperating REALTORS®.  There are over 28,000 licensed agents across the State of Arizona with their own clients, who are looking for all sorts of properties.  Yours could be ‘the one’, but how will anyone find you?

2.)  REALTORS® HAVE POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS AT THEIR DISPOSAL:  One of the many tools we have is MLS (the Multiple Listing Service).  This software exposes your property to all other agents, as talked about in item 1.

3)  A REALTOR® CAN ACCURATELY PRICE YOUR HOME:  Do you know what your home will most likely sell for at any given point in time?  Home values change ALL THE TIME.  The value of your home is subjective.  A REALTOR® has no personal ties to your home, and will help you decide a great price based on market value, not sentimental value.

4)  A TRAINED EYE CAN IDENTIFY PROBLEM AREAS THAT MIGHT TURN BUYERS OFF:  Keeping your home as clean and as free of clutter as possible makes all the difference!  Adding flowers to your home’s exterior may make a world’s difference.

5)  A REALTOR® WILL INFORM YOU OF ALL OF THE DISCLOSURES YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE BY LAW AND WALK YOU THROUGH THEM:  If you don’t know what you are required to disclose by law, then you are actively turning yourself into a target for lawsuits.  I think it’s safe to say a REALTOR® commission is far less expensive than a single lawsuit!

6)  A REALTOR® IS TRAINED TO PROTECT YOUR BEST INTERESTS:  Can you vet potential buyers to ensure that they are bona-fide buyers?  There’s a great deal of homework to be done when an offer comes in.  Does the buyer have enough cash on hand to buy?  If not, can they get a loan?  If so, for how much?  Are you willing to follow up with the lender and buyer’s agent on a constant basis to ensure the transaction completes (closes escrow)?  Also, how are your negotiating skills?  A REALTOR® takes the headache out of negotiations for you.  You tell me what you want, and I won’t settle until you get what you are happy with!

7)  TIME IS MONEY.  IT IS A FACT THAT REALTORS® SELL PROPERTY IN LESS TIME THAN FSBOs:  Think about it – if a REALTOR®’s average selling time is 90 days, and the average FSBO selling time is 180-300 days, how much more does that cost in mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, repairs, utilities, etc.?  Oh the things you could be doing, if only you had the sale proceeds sooner!



Open House Realty

Open House Realty


DID YOU KNOW that every year, millions of properties (homes, land, commercial buildings, etc.) across the United States are sold for outstanding property tax amounts?

Get a copy of my e-book “Get that real estate for pocket change!” for only $19.99.  It is an instant download in PDF format.  You will learn how to invest in these types of properties in ALL 50 states.  The e-book will allow you to connect directly with each taxing authority, where you will see important sale information, registration requirements.  In most locations, you will also be able to see current inventory!

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Happy investing!



Open House Realty

Open House Realty




I AM COMMITTED TO YOU!  I am a professional Real Estate agent; I am educated in the legal aspects of real estate practice and licensed by the State of Arizona. As a member of the Arizona and the National Associations of REALTORS, I abide by a strict Code of Ethics.  I earn my living by serving the needs of home buyers and sellers with integrity.

SKILLED SERVICE:  A large part of my work is performed behind the scenes.  Previewing homes, researching comparable sales, tracking the various government and lender owned lists, gaining market knowledge, evaluating changing legislation, and maintaining my professional credentials.  For every hour I spend showing you homes.  I will have spent up to ten hours preparing.  I am constantly acquiring information that will help me to better serve you.

HOW I AM COMPENSATED:  I am not paid a traditional salary; I work entirely on commission, which I receive only if I initiate and complete a transaction for you.  I am compensated only when all of your needs have been satisfied and you take ownership of your new home.  All of the services I provide are uncompensated unless you purchase a home through me.  Real estate commissions traditionally are paid at the close of escrow from the seller’s proceeds.  In some cases commission is not paid by the seller, but instead by the buyer.  Some examples would be HUD homes, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), and some lender-owned homes.

YOUR COMMITMENT TO ME:  I will invest substantial time and effort in locating your home, and will represent you with unequaled integrity throughout the purchase of that home.  In return, I expect your loyalty – a commitment that you will work with me, exclusively, in selecting and purchasing your home.

PUTTING ME TO WORK FOR YOU:  If you see any home that interests you, ask me about it.  Whether it is advertised by sign, in the newspaper, a “For Sale By Owner”, listed with another agent, or not even on the market – I am able to best represent you in the pursuit of the property.  If you have any questions about how I work, please ask. Our professional relationship is critical to the successful purchase of your home.

1.  Select an agent, establish a relationship:  I am a professional agent with extensive market knowledge. We will work closely together to find the right home for you.

2.  Initial consultation with your agent to evaluate your needs and resources:  Once we establish what exactly your needs are, I will provide guidance to financial institutions where you can obtain information in order to get the best financing available.  We will meet to discuss your needs and analyze your resources.

3. Identify property to buy:  I will show you homes based upon the criteria that we establish.  The more precise and direct you are with me, the more successful your search will be.

4. Determine Seller’s motivation:  Once you have found the home that you wish to purchase, I will do the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer.

5. Write offer to purchase:  I will draft the Purchase Agreement for you, and advise you on protective contingencies, customary practices and local regulations. At this time you will need to provide an earnest money deposit, usually from $1,000 to $1,500 ( the deposit is held, un-cashed until your offer has been accepted by the seller).

6. Presentation of the offer:  I will present your offer to the seller and the seller’s agent. The seller has three options: they can accept your offer, counter your offer, or reject your offer. My personal knowledge of your needs and qualifications will enable me to represent you in the best way possible.

7.  Seller’s response:  I will review the seller’s response with you.  My negotiating skills and knowledge will benefit you in reaching a final agreement.

8.  Open escrow:  When the Purchase Agreement is accepted and signed by all the parties, I will open escrow for you. At this time your earnest money will be deposited. The escrow will receive, hold and disburse all funds associated with your transaction.

9.  Contingency period:  This is the time allowed according to your Purchase Agreement to obtain financing, perform inspections, and satisfy any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject.  Typical contingencies include:  Approval of the Seller’s Transfer Disclosure Statement  Approval of the Preliminary Report from the Title Company  Loan approval, including an appraisal of the property  Physical inspections of the property  Pest inspection and certification.

10.  Homeowner’s Insurance:  You will coordinate with your insurance agent and the escrow officer to make sure your policy is in effect at the close of escrow.

11.  Down payment funds:  You will need a Cashier’s Check or money transfer several days prior to the closing date of escrow.

12.  Close escrow:  When all of the conditions of the Purchase Agreement have been met, you will sign your loan documents and closing papers.  You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs to escrow and your lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price.  The Deed will then be recorded at the County Recorder’s office and you will take ownership of your home.

Open House Realty

Open House Realty


No matter what your reasons are for selling your home, the decision to do so is always complicated.  As such, I will help you to position yourself/yourselves and your home as best I can for a smooth, quick sale (at the highest and best price possible) by doing the following:

1 – I will confer with you regarding when you want to place your home on the
market. (Ask about my “easy exit” listing agreement!).
2 – I will establish a sales price based upon:
Research of comparable properties
Consideration of current local market conditions
Your reasons for selling and your needs to have a check in your hand by a
specific date.
3 – I will help you estimate your probable net proceeds.
4 – I will explain our “agency” relationship
5 – I will advise you and make suggestions on what you can do to make your
property more saleable. This will include feedback from other agents (and
buyers, once the property is on the market).
6 – I will review necessary paperwork with you.

7 – I will order a “FOR SALE” sign to be placed prominently on the property.
8 – I will put a “lockbox” on the property to facilitate the showing process.
9 – I will promptly submit your home to the Local Multiple Listing Service
(ARMLS). I will customize the remarks section to maximize the appeal to cooperating agents.
10 – I will submit copies of the information sheet on your home to our office sales staff and to other REALTOR offices where appropriate.
11 – I will have my office and/or other REALTOR offices tour your home.
12 – I will then ask their opinions on the selling price and share those with you.
13 – I will develop a flyer/brochure highlighting the features and benefits of your
home for cooperating agents and potential buyers. I include loan information specific to your home.
14 – I will promote your home at the appropriate Association(s) of Realtors for maximum exposure to other cooperating agents.
15 – I will have open houses when appropriate.
16 – I will advertise on our regular office schedule.
17 – I will check with relocation departments for possible buyers transferring to this area.
18 – Your home will be listed on at least 5 internet web sites.

19 – I will ask questions at the presentation to get an idea of the buyer’s sincerity and financial situation.
20 – Before you sign, we will review the contract and your obligations.
21 – I will explain how contingencies and release clauses work.
22 – I will protect you from signing a “blank check” for problems or repairs.
23 – I will make sure you do not sell your home to more than one buyer.
24 – I will explain your legal disclosure requirements and I will review the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement again with you.
25 – I will explain the ramifications of pest control inspections/reports and general structural inspections/reports.
26 – I will explain the “Liquidated Damages” clause and “Arbitration” clause
27 – I will explain your responsibilities regarding the condition of the property.
28 – I will estimate your net proceeds on a specific offer.
29 – I will help you handle the issue of “possession”.
30 – I will follow up closely on the progress of the buyer’s loan and coordinate the payoff of your existing loan.
31 – I will facilitate the appraisal process.
32 – I will stay in CONSTANT communication with the buyer’s agent to ensure a smooth escrow process and closing.
33 – I will advise you regarding specific buyer requests related to structural pest control and general structural inspections.
34 – I will closely monitor contingency removal dates and discuss these with you.
35 – I will coordinate the details of the transaction with the escrow officer.
36 – I will help you if conflicts or impasses with the buyer arise.
37 – I will coordinate the details of the transaction with the escrow officer.
38 – I will be with you when sign your escrow instructions.
39 – I will make sure you get your check and settlement documents promptly after

40 – I will ALWAYS represent YOUR best interests.
41 – I will keep in touch with you on a regular basis
42 – I will do everything within reason to get your home sold as quickly and efficiently as possible and at the highest possible price.
 Make a good first impression.  Have lawns and landscaping trimmed and neat and your yard free of refuse.
 Welcome your prospects.  Your front door should be clean and shining.  A fresh coat of paint or varnish may be just what it needs.
 Don’t let faded walls and woodwork reduce the appeal of your home.  An investment in fresh
paint, possibly even wallpaper, can pay you dividends in a quicker sale at a higher price.
 Let the sunshine in.  Open drapes and curtains to show how cheerful your home can be.
Don’t forget to clean windows!  Turn on lights to make it feel warm and inviting, especially for an evening inspection.
 Make your kitchen and baths sparkle!  Fix any leaky faucets and repair damaged or discolored caulking around tubs and showers.  Keep counter tops uncluttered and spacious feeling.
 Spotless carpets and rugs, and fresh, clean curtains and drapes tell of your careful
maintenance.  The home that is in “move – in” condition is the most desirable!
 Little things mean a lot.  Make sure your doors don’t stick or have loose knobs.  Do the same for your windows and cabinets. Fix all those minor flaws that will detract from your home’s value – people do notice them!
 Show off your closets and storage areas. Make them look bigger by having them neat and well organized.  Display the full value of attic, basement and other utility spaces (including crawl spaces) by removing unnecessary articles and debris.
 Make the rooms of your home appear as spacious as they really are.  Remove any and all
excess furniture to create a good traffic pattern and show off your floor

Open House Realty

Open House Realty

plan to best advantage.




I began my real estate career in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts – a highly competitive market. I am a native-born New Yorker, and moved to Arizona in 2012. I pride myself with the facts that I: A) treat clients how I would like to be treated if the roles were reversed, and B) follow up with all parties to a transaction QUICKLY so that my clients know I always have their best interests at heart. One of the greatest things about the real estate profession is that I meet a wide array of people, and truly get to know them – what their likes and dislike are, their history, their goals in life, etc.  I find the Phoenix real estate market exciting in its own right.  It is truly a unique place – thus why I have relocated here permanently!


Open House Realty

Open House Realty


20141218_164737 Welcome to the website of Shane O’Brien, Phoenix-based REALTOR® with Open House Realty, LLC. Please feel free to enjoy this website, as it is a valuable tool for you to search current inventory, interact with others in/on the blog, and to reach out to me when you are ready for my assistance.



Open House Realty

Open House Realty



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